Are you going to this innovation thing again?

….My wife asked as I packed last Tuesday night. Yepp, was my answer, but it’s not only innovation, it’s inspiration too. And btw it’s called Lift.

So off I went Wednesday morning, drove down to Geneva, shared the [SBB] ride with @christophhess and here’s what I got from these 3 days. Well, not everything of course, but my very personal key things.

Don Tapscott kicked it off,. pitching his macrowikinomics. Quite foreseeable Tunisia and Egypt were mentioned.

Jean-Claude Biver… now that’s an unconventional person. Really remarkable. Entertaining, good stories to share. Knowing that he improvised, had no script, no slides; the guy just stood there and spoke- kudos! [His dry laughs could haunt you in your sleep, btw].

A quote from Ben Hammersly, very relevant these days too “It’s very very difficult to shoot a hash tag”

Matthias Luefkens spoke about twiplomacy – I think this is an idea worth spreading, pretty sure.

Brian Solis spoke about social capital, I learned that you get room upgrades at the Vegas Palms if your Klout score is good enough – now that’s cool.

An interesting detail in Philippe Gendrets presentation was that the company who provided the hardware for the Codex project went bankrupt in summer 2010 – why am I not surprised?

Hasan Elahi, who gave away his privacy to escape the US terrorist watch list totally blew me away with his story. [@Stephtara captured it very well right her e]  He is totally transparent, everything he does is publicly available on his website, everything. And ob boy, does he get prominent visitors – have a look at his site visitors list:

A list of Hasan Elahis site visitors

Marcel Kampman makes me worry about the education waterfall of our daughter – we need to talk [and will!]

Kevin Slavin presented a boring sounding topic “algorithms that govern our lives” in the most scary way you can imagine. This guy rocks; if you ever get the chance to see him – don’t miss him, he’ll blow you away. One of his quotes made the audience laugh out loud ““I wouldn’t date an algorithm but I would hang out””

If ever you think drinking your coffee is difficult then have a look at how difficult it is with 0.66 gravity – Jennifer Magnolfi showed us how they design habitat in space.

And last, but certainly not least former astronaut Claude Nicollier shared his stories from space. Plus breathtaking imagery like looking at the Himalayas, Switzerland or a volcano eruption in Russia from space – absolutely stunning.

So, that’s all. For the conference, of course there was the fondue evening, meeting old friends, getting to know new interesting people. Walking into @davidrose 2 years after I met him at lift 2009 (and talked him into giving me the only GlowCap he had with him then… for a Toblerone…) and learning that Vitality had been sold just a couple of days ago completed the experience.

Was it worth the time and money? Absolutely, @laurenthaug and team managed once again to make these 3 days an inspiration for me.