Home is where the new world of work is

My former (rather former former) employer remodeled it’s offices lately and invited friends & family to a “homecoming day” /” tour de new offices”.

They were kind enough to also invite us alumnis and so some 10 ex-Microsofties “came home” again last Friday and visited the new offices of Microsoft Switzerland. It’s quite impressive how they remodeled the building, following a concept which was first tested at Microsoft Netherlands (if I’m not totally wrong). People don’t have their fixed desks anymore, they’re expected to roam around and sit “as they come”, the offices feel very open and the use of nice colors gives it a very nice feel. Of course the idea is to seat more people in the same building, but it sure doesn’t feel like it.

Here’s a look at the patio, where you see the color-coding of the floors:

Microsoft Switzerland remodeled buidling patio view from entry










Oh, and talking about the entrance – there’s a huge display which reacts to gestures people make (not difficult to guess that there’s a Kinect device nearby, the guys from the DPE team had a small pet project slightly reprogramming the controller software).

Here’s another look at one of the areas in the client zone: a living-room setup, again with a bit of Kinect involved:

Microsoft Switzerland remodeled buidling living room setup











Last pic from the library on the top floor (btw I missed the Steve Jobs bio in the bookshelf…). Color of the carpet reminds me of Patent Ochsners’ song “Scharlachrot“, I don’t know why 🙂

Microsoft remodeled office library on top floor notice the red carpet











Nice concept indeed, let’s see how the employees like it (My bet: they will). Only negative aspect of the whole thing: the building is still in the suburbs.

Oh and btw: rumor has it that this new, more portable, less voluminous version of surface will be available rather soon.

btw 2: as the press hasn’t been to the new offices yet – here’s an explicit hint for you guys: This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 Switzerland License