Disruption: Starbucks2 [read “Square”]

I’m in curator mood today so I compiled a nice roundup of the coverage of the articles about the cooperation Starbucks and Square announced.

So this is what TechCrunch Engadget CNET and the Swiss NZZ [hat tip to Comboeuf for his tweet] say.

Let’s put all the details [like the 25 mio $ investment from Starbucks or a new board member for Square] aside and focus on the key message here: yet another big step into becoming a commodity for Square. Another big step into the mass / consumer market.

Altough… this step is only in the US, as there’s this “small” detail called security. One tends to easily forget that the ROW [rest of the world..] is slightly more advanced than the US of A with regards to credit card security. We’re not only relying on a magnetic stripe but on the chip on the credit card [EMV for the pros here].
On the other hand… there’s an more secure alternative to Square. iZettle.

And I have to confess that Starbucks is not my cup of tea coffee as there are too many good, small coffee shops [like La Stanza].