Marketing is about creativity

There’s not much to add to that actually.

I love this story and Adam’s blog post reminded me that I had it on the back burner for a while  already. 
As you might be aware the brand regulations for the Olympic games in London are more than strict and they are enforced even more strictly. Which I kind of understand as the companies which partner with the organization dished out insanely huge amounts of money.

And then… along comes Beats by Dr. Dre, a hugely successful maker of head phones. And they do some really creative marketing; simply sending head phones to Olympic athletes. The cans are customized with the national colors, flag patterns or simply to match the official dresses.

Of course the athletes do wear the cans at all possible occasions; I think I spotted Usain Bolt last night shortly before the 200 m finals wearing his pair. On TV; broadcasted… well, world-wide.
This is how Bolt’s cans look:
Customized beats by dr. Dre

Cost: negligible
Effect: priceless [yes, I think there’s an official sponsor using this word… *G*]

Ain’t that great?

China’s Sun Yang wearing Beats cans too, perfectly matching the official outfit of the Chinese Olympic team:

Sun Yang wearing customized Beats by Dr. Dre head phones

Here’s the article where I read first about the story.