Digital wins! Some key indicators

Oh well, back in the days summer used to be slow….. Nowadays where “catching up is the new discovering” that’s not true anymore, news also flow like crazy in previously “slow” times.

Along comes the noise of course. Which can make you overlook important indicators. Here are some of them from the last couple of weeks; just in case you missed them….

Like Pearson, the owner of the Financial Times announcing their half year results. In which they say that the number of their digital subscribers outnumber print subscribers. And that half of their revenue is generated by digital.

Or Amazon stating that they sell more e-books now than paper books in the UK. Only 2 years after they introduced their reader in the UK. In half the time it took them to achieve the same goal in the USA.

Last piece: 25% of the Warner Music Group’s digital revenue is generated by streaming services [hello Spotify et al]. Not bad either, isn’t it? But put it in context, will you.. it’s “only” 25% of their digital revenue. Dive down into their full results for their 3rd quarter of the fiscal year right here.

Clear, strong, business relevant indicators. This is not going to stop or slow. Get ready for it.

Sources: FT via TechCrunch , Amazon via TechCrunch , Warner via AllThingsD