It’s in the mix [of powerful tools]

Blown away. Not scared, just massively impressed.

Take two powerful tools and let them interact…. and the result will be interesting [as my English friends might say].

In this particular case here we let WolframAlpha do its magic on Facebook. It suck all the data out of your Facebook profile and works it.

You’ll find data and stats you never knew [and probably never cared about either], like the how old [Sorry Hubert] and how young your Facebook friends are.

Or that 71.8 % of my Facebook friends are male.

Or that currently 2 of my Facebook friends are engaged [that should be a match, right?].

Fortunately none of them is currently in the “it’s complicated” state of mind.

Here’s a peek at this bit of data, absolute numbers not removed [I like the visualization too btw…]:

Wolfram Alpha analyzing my Facebook data

Plus a zillion of further [interesting] details. Amazing, truly amazing computing power of WolframAlpha. Kudos to these guys. You should try this.