30 years, 2 months. Today.

So, back on April 26, 1983 (*) I bought these two Accuphase beauties a pre- and a power amp (C200 and P300) :

Pre- an Power Amp from Accuphase

Accuphase C200, P300

Over time I added a tuner and a phono pre amp, of course both also from Accuphase (T100 and a C17). In addition to a neat phono, Thorens TD126 and, somewhat later on a Krell CD and D/A converter.

They sounded like heaven.. true high end, the way it’s meant to be.

All those memories; first time I listened to an MFSL record (if I remember correctly it must have been Thelma Houstons “I’ve got the music in me“) or the joy of listening to Lee Ritenour’s “Rio” heavy weight vinyl, half speed mastered, direct import from Japan. Or just regular records, well not really regular.. simply the stuff which was hard to get like the Atlantic family live at Montreux, including a 21 minute version of Average White Band’s “Pick up the pieces”.

And along came the CD, a different experience, but also capable of sounding good (again, MFSL and the likes helped a lot).

And they lasted, and played and played on and on and on. Until a couple of weeks ago, the power amp decided to only use the right channel and forget about the left one.

So I called my friend and high end dealer (the very same guy who sold me the Accuphases 30 years ago). We did a couple of listening sessions and today he brought the new stuff.

An integrated amp from Italy (Imagine this – Italy!). A Flight Two from Audia Flight. And it sounds niiiiiiice. Input is slightly different of course: a TV, streaming from and with a Sonos Connect. The rest is the same, the Krell D/A converter, the Thorens TD126 still play well. The phono pre amp needs a bit of pampering though… let’s see whether we can keep it alive.

Audia Flight Flight Two / Sonos Connect

Audia Flight Flight Two / Sonos Connect

Now of course I’m very curious to see whether the Audia Flight is fit for the next 30 years.

(*) Yes, I do know the exact date – still got the invoice…