Sometimes help comes from rather unexpected sources…

Or.. how how to survive August  until #Reeder for iPad & Mac sans Google Reader will be available.

Tweet saying that Reeder for iPad 2 arrives in August 13

A couple of confessions first:

  • I’m a news junkie, have always been, am and will be.
  • I like RSS, works perfectly for me.
  • Soon after I got addicted to started working with RSS and tried naked Google Reader I discovered Reeder and love[d] it since then. Until, well; Google killed Reader and as Reeder relied on Reader.
  • I miss the steady news flow from my favorite sources, handily delivered to me as a stream [yes, I know #Twitter and #Facebook deliver a similar experience, but hey…]

So, as I checked mail earlier this week I stumbled across this announcement from Hootsuite about new apps:

20130808 hootsuite Syndicator announcement

So I installed the Syndicator app in Hootsuite, imported the XML-file with all of my [old] Google Reader RSS streams and off we went…:

20130808 hootsuite syndicator

Neat. Handy. At least until Reeder is back, alive [again] and kicking. You hear me @reederapp?