UP and down, UP and down…..

…. Or how to make your UP band work when cycling.

Sometime things are just too easy to think of…. or we tend to search for complicated answers to really simple questions. Like “how do I make my UP band record also my cycling automatically”

And then there are smart people who do a bit of lifehacking, like Gabe Mac. He’s been clever enough to think of something terribly simple. As people wear their UP bands on their arms the bands easily record every step you take, but not your cycling efforts. Users have to record them manually as activities in the UP app. Which is OK, but clearly not brilliant.

So here comes Gabe Mac and says… why don’t you wear your UP band on your ankle when you ride your bike?

Off you go, your cycling efforts are counted. Perfect.

Simple, isn’t it?

Kudos to the man and thanks to Chadburn Blomquist who originally shared Gabe Mac’s blog post.