Open Data is good. Hackers are too. Games are good anyway.

Now that’s a bulky title, isn’t it?

Let me explain….. I recently stumbled across a very neat lil’ game, done by my ex-TEDxZurich teammate David Bauer.

He used a bit of open [geo] data about Africa, placed it on the click-that-hood platform added a bit of secret sauce couple of lines of coding – and the absolutely stunning result is a game called YouDontKnowAfrica.

And off you go. According to David people from 177 countries played the game for some 150’000 minutes in the first 2 days. 150’000 minutes equal 2500 hours or 104 days – which clearly tells us that the game is addictive. A fact I can confirm.

So that’s why open data and games are good for you, but what about hackers; what’s the connection here? The click-that-hood-platform is part of the Code for America initiative and USA Today called them “Civic hackers (the good kind)” – a description I do like.

That’s the story, now go and play the game!

There are other “hoods” [countries, regions, cities] you can play, you’ll find them all on the click-that-hood site.

And if you want to build your own game – there’s a quite straightforward “How to…” on Github.