We kept Austin weird, Part 2

(Part 2 of my personal, non-techie report from my trip to #DrupalconNA in Austin, Texas)

My last post ended noticing that Austin calls itself the live music capitol of the world – well, so be it. Once you get there you realize that the Austinites (…) are very keen to “keep Austin weird“.
We did our fair share of helping them. We, as in the attendees of #DrupalconNa in general (all I say write is “men in spandex” – you might want to have a look here – hilarious conference pre-keynote by the usual suspects from the Drupal community). Or we, as the Amazee folks, we did a bit of unusual “things”, like a US-born guy, now living in Germany playing alphorn in our booth. And he played it well indeed
(if you watch the two videos closely you’ll notice that he’s part of the fun on both occasions, that’s how jam is. Nothing to add to that). Alphorn definition.

‘Nough said written about the conference now, let’s move on my trip.
Flying over and back was super easy, mainly because I flew BA via Heathrow (ZRH – LDN, LDN – AUS) and the used a quite new Boing 787 which was quite new. “Quite new” meaning you get your personal video screen, power and USB plugs for your toys and enough leg rest even in coach class (for a shorty like me). On one way I treated myself with an upgrade to premium eco (pardon me, it’s “Premium World Traveller” at BA), which added a bit more leg rest space and business class food. The upgrade is very well worth its price. I am very much looking forward to the time where my favourite airline upgrades their fleet with newer models and also introduces some form of premium coach class.
The other neat thing is that BA has a direct flight out of Heathrow to Austin – apparently they only started that a couple of weeks ago. The Austinites are extremely proud of having an “international airport” now (this one flight makes it international). Immigration was extremely fast, luggage arrived in a breeze – just the way it should be.

That much for the conference and travelling. More on Austin, accommodation, food and even more weirdness in the next post.