No plans for this Saturday night? Now you do! #SwissAward #VoteBruno05

Lots of interesting things already happening early in 2016, aren’t there?

One of them will go down next Saturday evening – Switzerland will vote for the “Person of the Year 2015”. After a preliminary selection there are 19 nominees in 5 categories from which viewers of the public Swiss TV  (SRF 1, RTS Deux, RSI LA 2) can vote for in the Swiss Award 2015 show.

Now you might ask yourself – whaaaat; why should I care? There’s a simple answer to that; nominee # 5 is…. (drum roll, please!) Bruno Giussani, the European director of TED, curator & host of TEDGlobal! )Links if you dont’ know him and want to do some background reading on Bruno: Wikipedia, his website and his LinkedIn profile)

Bruno was nominated for all his efforts with TED, TEDx and spreading ideas worth sharing.


Image courtesy of Simon Schneebeli

Image courtesy of Simon Schneebeli

I think its fantastic that Bruno has been nomiated; the Swiss TED(x) community should give his nomination a little push; let’s see if we can push him up to the top! After all we’re the cool kids who know how to use this internetz and mobilize the masses, aren’t we?

How? Now that’s quite easy (but sort of old school, sorry); during the TV show on Saturday evening viewers can vote by phone and text (numbers to be announced in the show). Bruno is nominee #05, for which the hashtag combo #SwissAward #VoteBruno05 stands for.

So, TEDx Switzerland brothers and sisters can you spare a dime and vote for Bruno? That would be fantastic and you’ll get tons of karma points for doing so! Thank y’all!

Please feel free to spread the news in your network too and use the hashtags #SwissAward #VoteBruno05 as much as you can and like!