Run, Dash, Run!

I hardly remember how long ago it was when I backed Bragi for their upcoming product The Dash on Kickstarter – a bit of desk research shows that it must have been early 2014. Like some other backers I thought I had thrown money at somebody who took it and ran…

Enough bi***ing now – they took their time and produced a decent MVP aaaand they shipped it. In January 2016 I finally got my hands on my new toy.


The Dash, Image by Bragi

So I’ve been using it for a bit more than a month now and that’s my verdict:

Product quality (how it’s manufactured, including packaging) is close to top-notch. As it happens so many times some of the key problems are the HMI (human machine interface) – I’m simply too clumpsy for some of the touch controls, but I’m learning and improving.

Functionality – my key reason to back the product (besides curiosity) was to listen to music; in my case stream Sporify from my iPhone with a decent sound quality. Disclaimer: I’m (still) a tad audiophile, have invested a good car’s value into audio over time… I compare the Dashs audio performance with the Parrot ZIK. Let’s keep it short and sweet here – the Dash is not there yet, but sound quality is good (enough); sure not high end, but good enough for daily use.

Wireless / Bluetooth connectivity (iPhone 6) – oh well – again let’s keep it short and sweet here – pre 1.30 firmware it was troublesome. Way too many drops-outs. Now, with 1.30 installed it’s also good enough, but there clearly is room for improvement. But hey, there will be firmware updates to cover that.

The app covers basic functionality. Connectivity (from the left Dash) to the app is OK. The list of activities can use some additions, but for now it’s at a good starting level. I love the transparency mode – the reaction of people who talk to you when you wear the Dash with the transparency mode on and you answer them is priceless…

Improvements needed – bluetooth and app connectivity – evenly distributed work for the right and the left Dash.

Additional features I’d like to have: more activities. And, this is the key feature I’d love to see…. is quite simple: the lovely folks at Bragi should whitelable and implement the equalizer from the Parrot ZIK; that would be a major improvement.

As I don’t really have use for the health data the Dash generates (I got rid of my jawbone loooong ago due to lacking product quality…) I can’t say too much about that, but the visualization of the stats after a run is nicely done.

Would I spend the money on the product again? Most probably yes.

Of course the title of the post here didn’t have only one meaning…. – I love running with the Dash, but I also love to see the Dash running towards new firmware updates….



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  1. What a joke of a company I received mine near two months ago. DOA and still negotiating with support for a new one. Last reply was like10 days ago Apparently they’re too busy with pre orders and will get to me when they get to me. Basically their version of “F*** you, have a nice day”

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