3rd Web Monday Zurich 2015 – a brief recap

I said I don’t want any dust on this blog here; so I blogged again, buuut for this time I didn’t blog here, but over there on the Amazee Labs blog. Go & see; the post’s right there. Happy reading!


Ein paar Reflektionen zu digitaler Transformation [vom #smartbusinessday]

Ich kenn da einen, der jeweils sagte “Es ist schon alles gesagt, aber noch nicht von Allen”.

Explizit nicht deswegen, sondern weil ich meine, ich hätte es geschafft, die wichtigsten Gemeinsamkeiten aus den Referaten rauszuschälen, die’s da braucht, damit Business- oder eben digitale Transformation gelingt:

  • Loslassen können und wollen – das geht klar in die Richtung des Managements.
  • Fail often, fail hard – früh und viel ausprobieren, keine Angst davor haben, etwas falsch zu machen. In der Theorie sieht meist alles gut aus, ob’s dann funktioniert erweist sich erst, wenn man’s unter echten Bedingungen testet.
  • Machen, nicht nur darüber sprechen [aka das gute alte Schweizer Bonmot “Liefere, nöd lafere”]
  • Sich auf kürzere Zyklen, respektive eine konstante Re-Invention einstellen

Mit diesen vier Zutaten sollte man gut für Business- oder eben digitale Transformation gerüstet sein.

Ein Zitat, an das ich mich nur noch zum Teil erinnere ging irgendwie so “.. und man muss sich bewusst sein, dass man andere Leute und Kompetenzen in der Unternehmensentwicklung braucht… “ – WORD! Da kann ich nur voll und ganz zustimmen.

Dies alles natürlich in Ergänzung zu Jürg’s live-blogging vom Anlass, zur Site mit den Referaten und all den Tweets die da mit #smartbusinessday getagged wurden.

Der Anlass war übrigens rundherum gelungen, top Location, perfekte Organisation und sehr guter Inhalt – Chapeau!

Nice overview of the currently available 3D printers

The lovely folks over at Engagdet posted a nice overview of the 3D printers which are available today. So if you’ve got that money burning in your pocket and waiting to be spent…. – off you go.

I wouldn’t start off with 3D printing a moon base though. Let’s leave that to the pros at the European Space Agency…. (via TechCrunch). You might want to test your system before you go that big.

Watch out – Self-driving cars approaching!

Don’t be to scared if you look into your rear view mirror and find a car with an empty driver seat behind you!

Well, soon I guess.And it will be legal soon [not later than 1.1.2015 the bill says]  in California. Their governor signed a state law earlier this week which permits cars “to drive on their own”. Quite progressive.

Can’t keep from writing about the fun a driverless car might cause when crossing state borders from Cali into…let’s say  Nevada. If I remember correctly one’s not even allowed to take fruit with you across state borders. Can somebody please capture the moment when the first car passes state borders on film. Looking forward to that little movie…

Via TechCrunch.

Digital wins! Some key indicators

Oh well, back in the days summer used to be slow….. Nowadays where “catching up is the new discovering” that’s not true anymore, news also flow like crazy in previously “slow” times.

Along comes the noise of course. Which can make you overlook important indicators. Here are some of them from the last couple of weeks; just in case you missed them….

Like Pearson, the owner of the Financial Times announcing their half year results. In which they say that the number of their digital subscribers outnumber print subscribers. And that half of their revenue is generated by digital.

Or Amazon stating that they sell more e-books now than paper books in the UK. Only 2 years after they introduced their reader in the UK. In half the time it took them to achieve the same goal in the USA.

Last piece: 25% of the Warner Music Group’s digital revenue is generated by streaming services [hello Spotify et al]. Not bad either, isn’t it? But put it in context, will you.. it’s “only” 25% of their digital revenue. Dive down into their full results for their 3rd quarter of the fiscal year right here.

Clear, strong, business relevant indicators. This is not going to stop or slow. Get ready for it.

Sources: FT via TechCrunch , Amazon via TechCrunch , Warner via AllThingsD

Disruption: Starbucks2 [read “Square”]

I’m in curator mood today so I compiled a nice roundup of the coverage of the articles about the cooperation Starbucks and Square announced.

So this is what TechCrunch Engadget CNET and the Swiss NZZ [hat tip to Comboeuf for his tweet] say.

Let’s put all the details [like the 25 mio $ investment from Starbucks or a new board member for Square] aside and focus on the key message here: yet another big step into becoming a commodity for Square. Another big step into the mass / consumer market.

Altough… this step is only in the US, as there’s this “small” detail called security. One tends to easily forget that the ROW [rest of the world..] is slightly more advanced than the US of A with regards to credit card security. We’re not only relying on a magnetic stripe but on the chip on the credit card [EMV for the pros here].
On the other hand… there’s an more secure alternative to Square. iZettle.

And I have to confess that Starbucks is not my cup of tea coffee as there are too many good, small coffee shops [like La Stanza].